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Harley's Nanny Teresa created the trust initially to raise money for equipment that he needed that wasn't available from our local authority.  This meant he had the best quality of life and we will always be so grateful to our friends and family for their generous support.

We were able to buy advanced specialist equipment such as wheelchairs and beds.  We even had a trip to Florida to swim with Dolphins and to see Mickey Mouse.  These are memories that our family will treasure forever.



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After Harley's passing, his Dad Joe registered the trust as a charity and 'The Harley Jae Trust' based in Nottingham has jumped from success to success.  


Harley's Mum Lucy, is now heading this separate charity 'Harley Jae South' to focus on helping individuals, hospitals and hospices in London and the South of England. 

Both charities have similar objectives which means we can now help even more children in honour of our brave boy.


Harley Jae South would like to thank friends, family and members of the community who have participated in some truly remarkable fundraising events and shown their generous and continuing support.

       What we do to help

We aim to raise awareness and provide vital equipment for children with life limiting and life changing conditions. The charity also makes donations to services such as schools, hospital wards and children’s hospice’s.

Families can apply to the charity directly for 'wishes' to be granted.

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